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The Growing Pains of Train Fares in the UK

Public transport, and more specifically train services, have been a longstanding bone of contention here in the UK. Once a public concern, the rail network was auctioned off to private companies, much to the dismay of the general public, in 1994.

Between 2018 – 2019, a record 1.76 billion Brits travelled by train; however, over the same period, an average of 660 trains were cancelled every day. British train users lost a whopping four million hours to significantly delayed trains in 2018/2019 – more than any other year on record! 

January 2019 saw the biggest train fare increase in a decade, with prices rising a whopping 3.5%. Train users were once again hit where it hurts (in the wallet!) with a further 2.7% increase in January 2020. To add insult to injury – research by travel watchdog Transport Focus found that, fewer than 47% of British rail passengers are satisfied with the value for money offered by train service providers; hardly surprising when you consider that despite receiving over £255 million in compensation from Network Rail over the last six years, Great Western Railway paid out less than £23 million in compensation to its customers!    

Unlike our flexible taxi, minibus and coach hire services, train-going commuters, holidaymakers and day-trippers are bound by the terms of their train service operator; with little to no choice on who they travel with; when they travel or the route they take. 

With customer satisfaction at an all-time low, and prices continuing to rise at an astronomical rate, is train travel really the best way to get around? We don’t think so! But don’t take our word for it, check out the infographic below to see how, and why train fare increases are affecting passengers.

Here at Cabzilla, we are committed to getting you to your destination on time.

Our affordable coach, minibus and taxi hire services are available throughout the country, for any party, and any occasion! For more information, or to book your taxi, minibus or coach hire, call us today on 0333 577 0557.

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