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Condition Of Any Hire

1. Booking any transport with us you’re confirming you have read, understand, and comply with abide by the subsequent Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you understand them fully before placing a booking with US.

2. Placing a booking with us you’re confirming your transport requested dates and times accepting the terms Agreement which incorporate the knowledge and obligations detailed herein. You comply with abiding by all or any agreements between Cabzilla & YOU with regards to YOUR travel arrangements made by US. You furthermore may consent to us processing personal information about YOU and other members of YOUR party, should this be provided to us.

3. The contract with US is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of England and Wales.YOU may however choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you would like to do so if YOUR main residency presiding to at least one of those countries.

4. All bookings require a payment to be made by YOU to secure any sort of booking. If you select to pay via card payment the booking is going to be under the name of the payee who will be named as ‘party leader’. The payment can only be made by the cardholder. A request is going to be brought forward YOUR year of birth as IDENTITY before a payment taken and a booking being placed for YOU.

5. At any given time WE reserve the right to refuse or terminate a booking should WE believe a booking has been placed using deceptive or fraudulent means, we’ll take measures additionally to instruct police or any relevant authorities if you employ Deceptive methods to get products or services with US or our PARTNERS(s) by YOU or any member of YOUR group.

6. A Booking can’t be confirmed until a deposit or full payment has been paid by YOU or one among your traveling party. Any payment made is going to be at the desecration of our booking AGENTS to refund any monies already paid by YOU to US if you select to cancel or violate OUR conditions. Any outstanding balance is subject to 4% charge every 30 day cycle.

7. At any given time we will not be held liable for financial or personal loss to YOU or YOUR group during an event that is out of our hands i.e. mechanical failures and events beyond OUR control. Events beyond OUR control include (but aren’t limited to) war, the threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, technical problems with transport including changes due to rescheduling or cancellation of hire by US or one among OUR AGENTS or alteration of the vehicle or vehicle type for reasons beyond OUR control or that of our AGENTS and SUPPLIERS; closed or congested roads, villages, towns and cities, hurricanes, other actual or potential severe weather or climate conditions (whether materialized or not), the vehicle being involved during an accident and any other similar events. This also includes effects timings of pick-ups and/or cancellation of the hire by OUR AGENT or SUPPLIER at immediate or limited notice to YOU, whether YOUR hire period has indeed begun or not.

8. If YOUR requested vehicle is unavailable, we’ll therefore match or exceed YOUR booked vehicles. this may not cancel your booking but also will not guarantee the make, model, or color of the vehicle for YOUR request.

9. Cancellation will only be excepted via email or Telephone communication with YOU. YOUR deposit is retained on any cancellation, NO monies given back on any cancellation on any event like Sports Events Days, Christmas and New Year Period, Public legal holiday Weekends, Concerts, School / College & University Prom Events and other similar occasions, including Days of National Interest.

10. Amendments can only be made 7 days before the traveling date. Amendments are going to be classed as a change to your original booking, requiring a replacement booking confirmation to be issued by US. Please note that a significant change (such as dates, times, and changes by YOU to the vehicle hired) is going to be classed as a CANCELLATION, and our CANCELLATION means cancellation of your booked transport. An Amendment Fee is charged for every amendment made at £5.00 except dates which can be subject to availability Please note we’ll NOT charge for SPELLING amendments to your booking.

11. A security deposit payment has to be paid for Festivals and late night bookings, Use of prohibited substances and smoking in any of OUR or AGENTS vehicles is banned at all times. If the driver has become conscious of such ACTS from YOU or YOUR group members traveling, We or our Agent will have the right to cancel YOUR hire with immediate effect and eject all passengers at the primary safe place to do so. we will not be held answerable for any resulting additional travel costs you’ll accrue if this happens and that we will inform relevant authorities; passing on relative booking details for breaches of UK Law. This includes Smoking Law within the UK. YOU comply with these Terms and Conditions on every booking.

12. Damage caused by YOU or YOUR party members whether traveling or nearby our vehicles shall become the sole responsibility of YOU. Any costs related to repairs and damage must be paid by YOU within the time frame arranged. a further daily charge could also be imposed should the vehicle be taken out of commission a daily hire rate effective to that vehicle. Criminal Damage could also be reported to relevant persons/authorities, should WE feel this is necessary.

13. If you’ve got a complaint about YOUR arrangements whilst traveling, you want to immediately notify the SUPPLIER of the service in question. If OUR AGENT is unable to resolve the matter immediately, and a member of OUR staff isn’t available, you ought to contact us as soon as possible by telephone and that we will endeavor to help within Customer Service office hours (09.30 until 17.30 Monday – Friday) or email with every detail regarding your complaint so that we can make overcome the issues

14. WE and OUR AGENT reserve the right to refuse to simply accept YOU as a customer or continue handling YOU if YOU or YOUR group behavior is disruptive, or should any member of YOUR group appear to be under the influence of prohibited (or licensed) substances causing a detrimental effect on YOU or any member of YOUR party. Additionally Racially aggravated, Sexist and other derogatory comments and behavior won’t be tolerated under ANY circumstances. If a driver deems any person(s) traveling in YOUR group to be posing a danger, or act inappropriately to OUR AGENTS employees or indeed any vehicle belonging to our SUPPLIER or the other member of YOUR group, OUR AGENT reserves the right to terminate the booking with immediate effect at the safest point to do so. they’ll even be instructed to do so by our office, should such advice be sought by OUR AGENT or their employees. No refund is going to be given in these circumstances and that we can’t be held liable for any associated costs incurred by YOU or YOUR group. No correspondence is going to be entered into by US or OUR AGENT should this situation arise. This additionally applies prior and post-travel including threatening or abusive behavior towards OUR staff or AGENTS, on the telephone, in writing, or face to face. If you’re disruptive and this means you’re not allowed to board the vehicle outbound from YOUR pickup, we’ll treat YOUR booking as canceled by YOU from that moment, and you’ll need to pay full cancellation charges (see section 7). If this happens at YOUR destination point then you’ll become liable for YOUR return home and the other members of YOUR group who cannot or won’t travel without YOU. In any circumstance mentioned in section 15, NO refunds or compensation are going to be paid to YOU or YOUR PARTY and additionally, WE may make a claim against YOU for any costs and expenses incurred as a result of YOUR behavior e.g. the value of diverting the vehicle for YOU or YOUR PARTY. Criminal proceedings can also be instigated by US against YOU.

15. All vehicles come with insurances, CRB cleared drivers. WE recommend adequate insurances are in place for events and special occasions booked by YOU. Therefore WE recommend YOU speak to YOUR Insurance Advisor to make sure adequate cover is arranged for YOUR event/occasion. WE, OUR AGENTS, and STAFF aren’t authorized to debate relevant insurance options with YOU, nor can we offer this sort of insurance, and are unable to supply guidance on obtaining cover.

16. WE reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time. Should WE plan to do so,

17. Terms used within YOUR booking may affect the sort of hire you’ve got booked; ‘LOCAL AREA’ relates to a 5-mile radius, in and around YOUR original pick-up address; ‘CONTINOUS HIRE’ states service vehicle is hired to YOU for the specified journey – this doesn’t mean unlimited use of the vehicle unless clearly shown on YOUR Booking Confirmation. Unless indicated upon YOUR booking form, any requests made at the time of booking must be detailed on YOUR confirmation. If something appears to be incorrect, or indeed missing, then please reply to YOUR booking confirmation E-mail with the right details.20. No part of these Terms and Conditions affects your rights as a consumer. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to your rights as a consumer.