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Minibus Hire Services in York

    Welcome to Minibus Hire York.

    Undoubtedly we are the best minibus hire with the driver working in and around York. Firstly our vast extending driving force of vehicles covers the surrounding areas of Selby, Malton, Tadcaster, Pocklington, Elvington, Welburn, Stamford Bridge, Towton, Market Weighton, and Wetherby. 

    Our Service

    Without a question, our bewildering organizations that’s been running for well over a decade transporting travelers, In addition open to businesses and general public alike. Thus, we work around the clock to supply unwavering quality. Moreover we offer our service:

    • day and night, 
    • 7 days a week, 
    • and 365 days a year.

    Hence, our 5-star service treatment gives an encounter unimaginable, off the charts, and most of all great value for your money, Clearly, we never compromise on quality.

    Minibus Hire York Fleet

    Moreover, our all-round fleet of busses clearly giving you a wide selection of choice from all sizes mid to full-size coach hires starting from:

    • 8-9, 
    • 10-12, 
    • 13-16, 
    • 17-24, 
    • 25-29, 
    • 30-33, 
    • 34-39, 
    • 40-45, 
    • 46-49, 
    • 50 & also 70 passenger carriers.

    What We Cover

    Equally important to note is our large-scale vehicles that cater from small, medium, and large traveling groups for up to 70 passengers at any given time.

    Not only but also, we take care of multiple events such as

    • Stag & Hen do’s
    • Racecourse
    • Weddings
    • Funerals
    • Airports
    • Day executions
    •  Festivals and Carnivals
    • Nights out and also other bespoke request tailored to your needs.

    Our Team

    In addition, we are 100% committed to keeping up-to-date top-notch vehicles of all classes:

    • Standard
    • Executive
    • Custom luxury buses, and coaches for hire.

    Indeed we only employ staff that have years of experience as a driver.

    Importantly all of our in-house criteria have to be met and verified for all candidates on their experiences, also drivers have to possess unrivaled knowledge of the local and surrounding areas.


    Established by the pre-Roman Britons and initially named “Eborakon” meaning “put of the yew trees”. The Romans changed it to Eboracum in 71 AD and made it their capital. 

    York got to be so imperative in Roman Britain that a royal residence was built within the city, and the sovereign Septimus Severus remained therefrom.

    Once upon a time, York Castle was the middle of government for north England. This city succeeded amid much of the afterward medieval period. Afterward around the 14th and the 15th centuries were characterized by calculated success.

    Amid the English Civil War, the city was respected as a Royalist fortress and was assaulted and in the long run captured by Parliamentary strengths beneath Ruler Fairfax in 1644. After the war, it had held its pre-eminence within the North in 1660, also it became the third-largest city in Britain after London and Norwich.

    Why Visit York

    This blooming side of England is well known for its noteworthy buildings, history in common, and of course shocking engineering. So in case, you appreciate looking at wonderous buildings you’ll most likely adore them.

    Proof of this can still be seen to date, making the district town of Yorkshire a marvel and a must-visit place. 

    York may be a one-of-a-kind city in that it is encased inside City Dividers purposely built walls. Initially built to make some of the protection, the dividers are presently free to walk along.

    What is left of the stonework stretches for 2 miles and foremost well-known traveler attraction in York to date? 

    Nevertheless below are places recommended by popularity from our data when people visit:

    • York Racecourse
    • York Food & Drink Festival
    • National Railway Museum
    • York Minster
    • The contemporary-art scene
    • A wander down the Shambles
    • JORVIK Viking Centre
    • Walking the city walls
    • Cruise on the Ouse
    • Countess of York
    • McArthurGlen Designer Outlet York
    • The Shambles

    24/7 Service

    Professional Drivers

    Large Fleet of Vehicles

    We Cover All Areas of York


    • Fully Insured
    • Regulated
    • Fully-Serviced
    • Spacious Comfortable Clean, Tidy & Presentable Vehicles
    • Our service is runs 24/7

    Ethical We are ethical in everything we do.
    Value In fact we are of great value for the price you pay.
    Customer-focused Moreover our attention is on our customers. Not only-but also You are our priority.
    Timely Furthermore we are on time so you can get to where you need to be.